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THE ONLY 100% FREE FOR EVERYONE TRANS DATING SITE! Transgender Women Want To Be Loved... ...Honestly and Openly.

This is not a hookup site. ‍ This is a place for men who are generous with their love and respect to all, who have a genuine romantic interest in a lasting relationship or marriage to an amazing trans* woman. ‍ This is a place for trans* women to find a man that they can love openly and fearlessly, to add to herself without losing herself.

This is not intended to be a meeting place for married people or otherwise cheating, couples, or crossdressers. ‍ It is intended solely for cisgender men who are open about their love for ts / tg women, and for trans* women who are authentic and worthy of their love and respect. ‍ No nudity is to be displayed here publicly. All members are required to have a clear and recent picture of their face. We are an honest and open community with a common purpose: to find a person that will love us passionately, authentically and without agenda.

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