TS Girlfriend – Why You Will Love Her (TS Dating Help)

TS Girlfriend - Why You Will Love Her (TS Dating Help) 1

Your TS Girlfriend: 5 More Reasons To Love

Transsexuals are women, in mind and soul, and have a heart that knows how to love, but what makes your ts girlfriend unique and extraordinary is that:

1. Transsexual girls may give more sincere love:
Due to the social stigmas, discrimination and public opinion related to different sexual orientations and gender identity, it takes a brave and open-minded man to openly have a TS TS Girlfriend - Why You Will Love Her (TS Dating Help) 2girlfriend, and such men are difficult to find sometimes.

2. Transsexual Girls are Rare
Like the adage “that everything that is rare is valuable”, transsexual women count for less than 1% of world population, and that makes us exotic. i’m a 6′ blond haired blue eyed, highly intelligent post op, who speaks pretty good spanish, has lived in several states, has a viable income and who is very honest and affectionate.

3. We know how to please our man
Regarding intimacy, t-girls know very well how to please a man because they know male anatomy as much as you do. We know how to please a man more than genetic girls. Your TS girlfriend may be more open-minded and ready to explore the erotic part of our relationship than they would be.

4. Availability for intimacy:
Unlike genetic girls, even as a post-op i do not have a period, so i could be more available for intimate moments. Not to mention no pms or unwanted pregnancies.

TS Girlfriend - Why You Will Love Her (TS Dating Help) 3

5. T-Girls are fun to be with:
Your ts girlfriend may share with you more interests and hobbies than most genetic girls (due to the fact that i was raised as a boy). You may find me a better match based on many factors like how adventurous i am, or my offbeat sense of humor, or my ambition level. Maybe you’ll want a rematch after I slaughter you in bowling or pool.

If you’ve comfortably come to terms with attraction to women like us, are looking for a viable lifelong partner with style, and would be ok with being seen with a voluptuous, intelligent, sincere woman there are many potential ts girlfriends for you. Please respect me and hold off sexual comments and questions till we’ve gotten to know each other.

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